Data archive

Acess to historic and current satellite images and their products from the area of the Czech Republic in the period of vegetation season 1st March to 30th October of each year.

Satellite data archive

Broad data archive containing current and historic images is a basic prerequisite for any research done over remote sensing data, enabling creation of various temporal analysis. Data is available after atmospheric corrections for consecutive processing steps including unsupervised and supervised classifications, calculation of vegetation and other indices. Current data and their comparison with the historical images help to cover the trends in landscape development and provide an overview staus of objects of interest - vegetation, water areas, built up areas, etc.

IS satellite data archive is being developed within the long-term concept of the development of a research organization (DRKVO) for the years 2018 - 2022.

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We use free and open source software

The technical solution of the Satellite Data Archive is 100% based on free and open software available under various types of free licenses. The development of these tools and applications is a responsibility of the developer community, which ensures public control and transparency of the application code. However, such approach places higher demands on the technical knowledge of the user, who has to count on only limited support. Many commercial companies also provide their tools in a community edition, which is available under a free license, to which independent developers contribute. In these cases, software companies focus on publishing a commercial version of the tool, for which they offer technical support and often other commercial extensions and related services.